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To test Essaylum, you need the Testflight program from Apple, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Mac App Store. In addition, at least macOS 12 is required.

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Apple provides more information about Testflight and answers to many questions on the Testflight overview page.

Note about the beta version! Essaylum is in the beta phase and may therefore still contain immature functions and may have bugs. This should be taken into account during use and important information and work should always be saved separately.

What is Essaylum about?

Essaylum, a refuge for writers, with its extensive range of functions and easy-to-use interface, offers itself for tackling any kind of writing project, no matter how large or small the text is to be.

The editor, the heart of any writing application, can be fully customized in Essaylum to suit your preferences. In addition, the editor offers a variety of convenience functions for various markup languages, such as Markdown or Textile.

The distraction-free mode allows you to hide all distractions and offers the same options as the main editor. There are also further settings to adjust the distraction-free mode so that an optimal writing environment can be created.

Using text clips and templates, repetitive text structures can be quickly and easily inserted into the text. This not only saves time when writing, but also reduces potential errors. A particular highlight of text clips is the addition of its words to the spell checker, which makes it easier to find possible errors.

Planning the text project: With its outline tool, Essaylum offers a simple and efficient way of drafting the text. In addition to subsections and free sorting of the outline points, Essaylum can also prepare the corresponding chapters from the finished outline. In addition, a separate outline can be created for each individual chapter, which provides further automatic options.

Essaylum's research area is ideal for collecting references, general texts and other information. It can not only hold various types of documents and images, but also offers the option of creating your own documents. Furthermore, the documents can be assigned to individual groups and the search function ensures that the right document is always displayed quickly.

Keep an eye on the progress of the text. Essaylum offers a comprehensive statistics report on the text project. Not only can a target be set, but the current progress and various other information can also be viewed.

Searching and replacing can be a tedious task. Essaylum offers a separate area for this, which provides various functions to quickly find the desired result and replace it if necessary.

Exporting the text project: Essaylum offers extensive options for exporting the text in various formats. Advanced options are available for the popular ePub and PDF formats in order to achieve the desired appearance.

Essaylum relies on an open data format whose content can be used with many other programs. This means that the data always remains accessible and can be combined or extended with other applications.