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MarkMyWords 2.7.0 Released

MarkMyWords 2.7.0 is available now on the Mac App Store!

This update of MarkMyWords offers various improvements and bug fixes for the internal markup parser as well as two new features that can be a good help when working with texts.

First, the spelling and grammar checker from LanguageTool.org has been integrated into MarkMyWords. This offers a significant gain over the checker integrated in macOS and can be a noticeable support when working with texts. This new feature is located in the preview area and can be activated by clicking the corresponding button in the ribbon bar above the preview.

The second new feature in this update is the Inline CriticMarkup function, which can be activated via the menu item Markup > Inline CriticMarkup, preferably via the keyboard shortcut ⌃P, thus making it possible to apply CriticMarkup to selected text fast.

All details about this update can be found in the list of changes.

The complete list of changes:


  • MarkMyWords now supports the spelling and grammar checker of LanguageTool.org. This can be activated and used via the ribbon bar in the preview area
  • new CriticMarkup inline tool for convenient marking of selected text. Activation via the menu option Markup > Inline CriticMarkup (⌃P)

Bug fixes:

  • fixed a bug in the CSS selection menu that opened the wrong window in the preferences when selecting the "Add CSS Style" element

General improvements:

  • MultiMarkdown, when a custom parser should be activated, the internal parser, when activated, caused a conflict. So, instead of using the custom parser, the internal parser was used. For MultiMarkdown it is now the case that the custom parser always has always priority over the other options

MultiMarkdown improvements:

  • {{TOC}} markup for generating a table of contents is now supported, as well the {{TOC:2-3}} and {{TOC:3}} extended variants

Markdown, MarkdownExtra, MultiMarkdown enhancements:

  • heading tags with additional attributes are no longer enclosed by p tags

Textile improvements:

  • additional markup for IDs and classes can now also be provided to inline markup
  • CAPS detection improved, possible CAPS within HTML tags (attributes) are no longer incorrectly converted
  • table. markup is now also supported
  • improved processing of attributes for block markup
  • fixes a bug with the padding-right attribute in block markup

Smark bug fixes:

  • fixes a problem where under certain circumstances some special elements are stripped out and do not give a correct result
  • fixes a problem with the code tag that caused it not to render properly

Important Links:

Purchase MarkMyWords at the Mac App Store

Download the Demo Version of MarkMyWords

MarkMyWords Overview

MarkMyWords Release Notes

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