Myary 2.5.0 released

Myary 2.5.0 is now available on the Mac App Store.

This update of Myary provides various improvements and bug fixes for the internal markup parser as well as new features, both new user interface customization features and a useful tool for CriticMarkup users. In addition, there are also additional minor improvements.

With this update, options are now available in the preferences to display the sidebar with the icons in the normal, in a thinner version, or even to hide it completely.

For Distraction Free Mode, this update provides some improvements in handling background images and a new option to perform scrolling of the text field using mouse/trackpad even if the pointer is outside the text field.

The new feature for CriticMarkup users is the Inline CriticMarkup function, which can be activated via the menu item Markup > Inline CriticMarkup, preferably via the keyboard shortcut ⌃P, which allows selected text to be quickly and elegantly set up with CriticMarkup.

Changes in detail:


Bug Fixes:

General improvements:

MultiMarkdown improvements:

Markdown, MarkdownExtra, MultiMarkdown enhancements:

Textile improvements:

Smark bug fixes:

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