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MarkMyWords 2.10.0 released

MarkMyWords 2.10.0 is now available on the Mac App Store!

This update for MarkMyWords has some interesting new features. There is a new default setting for the text editor that creates a double line break for headings. This is interesting and important in two respects. Firstly, in some environments that interpret markup languages, it is important to perform an additional line break for headings. Secondly, it is also visually very helpful to have such a line break in the text.

Another new feature in MarkMyWords is a readability score for the text. This doesn't sound very exciting at first, but the development of this calculation certainly was, and it also brings you closer to the complexity of language. Detailed explanations of the readability rating can be found in the MarkMyWords help. MarkMyWords currently supports the languages English and German in the readability evaluation and after the experiences during the development, I don't think that there will be added any more languages.

For the development of Javascript extensions, the option is now available to add further files with Javascript code (functions) to the respective extensions. This eliminates the need to add existing functions to the main script and the existing functions can therefore be easily reused. A corresponding example can now be found on the extensions page.

With this update, the internal MultiMarkdown parser also receives a small upgrade. It can now also process the markup for abbreviations (acronyms). Please note that the internal markup parser only processes the current syntax of version 6 of MultiMarkdown. However, both the regular and the alternative syntax are supported. Below is the corresponding example from the official MultiMarkdown-Documentation:

[>MMD] is an abbreviation. So is [>(MD) Markdown].
[>MMD]: MultiMarkdown

In addition, this update for MarkMyWords offers many other improvements and adjustments in various areas, which, as usual, can be found in the list of changes.

The complete list of changes:


  • new option for the text editor to perform a double line break after headings. This function can be activated in the MarkMyWords preferences under Typography
  • readability rating: for English and German texts, the readability rating of the current text can be viewed in the info pane
  • Javascript extensions: option to include additional Javascript files in the respective extensions, e.g. function libraries


  • improvement of the date insert function in conjunction with undo action
  • improved sentence counting of the text statistics in the info pane
  • improved word counting of the text statistics in the info pane
  • improved markup removal action, most special characters are retained in their original form
  • improved behavior when canceling the insertion of text clips under certain circumstances
  • various internal optimizations, improvements and updates

Internal markup parser:
MultiMarkdown new:

  • support for abbreviations (acronyms) [MMD v6 syntax]

Important Links:

Purchase MarkMyWords at the Mac App Store

Download the Demo Version of MarkMyWords

MarkMyWords Overview

MarkMyWords Release Notes

Until next time!

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