02Myary 1.1.0 and Note-C 1.1.0 released

With this update Myary as well Note-C get new interesting features. Next to several bug-fixes, following new features are the most noticeable. Both, Myary and Note-C now feature a preview for Markup-formatted entries, which offers displaying entries in their formatted state. So there is no need for an extra app or export of entries just to see the formatted state of your entries.

The other new interesting feature for Myary and Note-C are Tab-Actions, which lets you insert predefined text-modules quickly. By using the integrated Tab-Actions-Manager you can define your own text-modules with appropriate keywords. After doing so, you just have to write the keyword in your entry and hit the tab-key and the text-module will be inserted automatically.

The complete list of new features and changes



Note-C 1.1.0:


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