Entries for March 2017


Easy-Cat Beta 2

The time-trial for the first Beta of Easy-Cat ends soon, time for the next one. Next to solving an display-issue when selecting projects, this update offers changes to the app-icon and a first draft of the help-file.

The dock-icon now changes its expression depending on the state of the app. Of course, this is just a gimmick, but I always wanted to try something like this.

The help of Easy-Cat is also something special. It's the first time I created a help-file using the new Apple Help-bundle, which is vastly different compared to the traditional help-system. For sure there will be some changes with the next updates of Easy-Cat, so I can utilize several other features of the Help-System better.

The second Beta-Demo of Easy-Cat can be downloaded using this link: Easy-Cat Beta Download. The Beta-Demo will be valid until March 31st. (System-Requirements: OSX 10.9 or higher)

The complete list of changes:

  • smaller adjustments to the app-icon
  • app-icon within the Dock changes its expression depending on the state of the app
  • a label with the number of projects will be displayed on the dock-icon when cat is active
  • when the destination-folder doesn't exist, cat connot be started and an appropriate error-message will be displayed
  • when selecting project, the currently selected file changes accordingly
  • corrected several misspelling in the German and English interface
  • Help-document added (1st uncorrected version)

(Left-Right) Inactive, Active, Concatenating

Until next time!


MarkupMyText - Convert text into markup-text

Today I present another new app: MarkupMyText, a tool to convert formatted text into markup-formatted text. Using this app you can easily transform texts from writing- or webbrowsing-apps by using drag and drop or copy and paste into markup-formatted text. Also you can import existing text-documents, which will be transformed accordingly. If the text contains images, those will be recognized in most cases too (except Word- and OpenDocument-files).

MarkupMyText with a imported Text

Usually copied text (for example text from a webpage or a writing-application like word) looses all its formatting when pasting it into a markup-editor (bold-formatting, links etc.). Following image displays the general state of such actions:

Text copied from a webpage into a plain-text editor

Of course, this is not always wanted and annoying reformatting is required. MarkupMyText comes to aid at this point by markup-formatting copied text with formatting. The next image shows how MatkupMyText treats the copied text. Additionally images will be recognized and their file-paths will be preformatted.

The same webpage-text copied into MarkupMyText

MarkupMyText is not limited just to text, there is also a CSV-mode, to convert CSV-data into markup-formatted tables. Using this method tables can be created fast and easily, with additional options for field-dividers and if the resulting table should have a header or not (depending on the selected markup-language, if tables with headers and without headers are supported). Using CSV-Data is an ideal format since most calculation-applications are supporting the export of CSV-files. Here's a small example:

CSV-Data using the field-divider ";"

Flag;Name;Driving Direction
🇬🇧;Great Britain;Left

And the result in MarkupMyText for the selected markup-language Markdown (general Markdown has no special Markup for tables, but can display HTML-tables)

The Alpha-Demo of MarkupMyText can be downloaded and tested here: MarkupMyText Alpha Download. The Alpha-Demo is valid until May 31st 2017 (System-Requirements: OSX 10.9 or higher)

A complete list of features of MarkupMyText:

Supported Markup-languages

  • Markdown
  • MultiMarkdown
  • Textile
  • Wikitext
  • BBCode
  • Smark

Two different read-in modes

  • conversion into text with Markup
  • conversion into a table

Importing texts options

  • by copy and paste
  • Drag'n Drop of text onto the textfield of MarkupMyText
  • Drag'n Drop of text onto the dockicon of MarkupMyText
  • Import of an existing file

Supported file-types for import

  • txt
  • html
  • webarchive
  • rtf
  • rtfd
  • odt
  • doc
  • docx
  • wordml
  • CSV

Supported Export-Options

  • plain text
  • Textbundle including Assets
  • Textpack including Assets

Planned features

  • read-in of files by dropping file onto the dock-icon
  • read-in of HTML-files with a ressource-directory
  • providing export of assets for plain-text-export
  • textfield adjustments of font and color
  • German interface

Features that might be implemented

  • conversion to HTML
  • conversion to GFM (Github Flavored Markdown)
  • options to remove unnecessary whitespaces


I would be pleased to receive some feedback either through the comment-feature below this entry or by mail from the support-contact-form.

Until next time!


MarkMyWords 1.9.1 released

MarkMyWords 1.9.1 is now available and ready for download at the Mac App Store and on Xelaton.com.

There haven't been any changes since the beta-version, therefore there is nothing new on the list of changes.

MarkMyWords 1.9.0 complete release notes


  • shortcut for named links added (CMD+Shift+L)


  • shortcut for locking the preview-pane changed to (CMD+ALT+L)


  • updated Syntax-Highlighting for Markdown, MultiMarkdown, Smark (To load the updated highlights, please go to Preferences > Select Markups and click on the "Reset all styles"-Button. Please reopen any open documents to reload the syntax-highlighting)


  • fixed a bug for the Markup-Option "doTheMath", which rendered this option to be unusable
  • fixed an internal issue for the File-Browser
  • fixed a bug for Smark-transformation which lead to crashing MarkMyWords in OSX 10.6

Until next time!

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