22MarkupMyText - Convert text into markup-text

Today I present another new app: MarkupMyText, a tool to convert formatted text into markup-formatted text. Using this app you can easily transform texts from writing- or webbrowsing-apps by using drag and drop or copy and paste into markup-formatted text. Also you can import existing text-documents, which will be transformed accordingly. If the text contains images, those will be recognized in most cases too (except Word- and OpenDocument-files).

MarkupMyText with a imported Text

Usually copied text (for example text from a webpage or a writing-application like word) looses all its formatting when pasting it into a markup-editor (bold-formatting, links etc.). Following image displays the general state of such actions:

Text copied from a webpage into a plain-text editor

Of course, this is not always wanted and annoying reformatting is required. MarkupMyText comes to aid at this point by markup-formatting copied text with formatting. The next image shows how MatkupMyText treats the copied text. Additionally images will be recognized and their file-paths will be preformatted.

The same webpage-text copied into MarkupMyText
MarkupMyText is not limited just to text, there is also a CSV-mode, to convert CSV-data into markup-formatted tables. Using this method tables can be created fast and easily, with additional options for field-dividers and if the resulting table should have a header or not (depending on the selected markup-language, if tables with headers and without headers are supported). Using CSV-Data is an ideal format since most calculation-applications are supporting the export of CSV-files. Here's a small example:

CSV-Data using the field-divider ";"

Flag;Name;Driving Direction
🇬🇧;Great Britain;Left

And the result in MarkupMyText for the selected markup-language Markdown (general Markdown has no special Markup for tables, but can display HTML-tables)

The Alpha-Demo of MarkupMyText can be downloaded and tested here: MarkupMyText Alpha Download. The Alpha-Demo is valid until May 31st 2017 (System-Requirements: OSX 10.9 or higher)

A complete list of features of MarkupMyText:

Supported Markup-languages

Two different read-in modes

Importing texts options

Supported file-types for import

Supported Export-Options

Planned features

Features that might be implemented


I would be pleased to receive some feedback either through the comment-feature below this entry or by mail from the support-contact-form.

Until next time!

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