26MarkMyWords 1.9.2 Preview

The next update of MarkMyWords, version 1.9.2, is coming. Although this update doesn't feature any real new features, there are a lot of changes under the hood and solves several smaller issues.

Sandbox-free version for MultiMarkdown-User
There is a "new feature", which can be interesting for MultiMarkdown-user. Starting with version 1.9.2, there will be a sandbox-free-version of MarkMyWords again. The newest versions of macOS prevents the access of appliactions running in the Sandbox to installed tools (e.g. MultiMarkdown-Terminal-tool), even though the user explicitly grants access to the desired tools. In this case there is only one solution left, running the application without Sandbox, to regain access.

MarkMyWords normally uses the Perl-version of MultiMarkdown v2, but the current release of MultiMarkdown is v6.0.4. Those, who want to use the most recent version of MultiMarkdown, should install MultiMarkdown as an Terminal-tool (further details described in the release-notes) and use use the Sandbox-free-version of MarkMyWords.

Xelaton.com now using ssl and checking updates is working properly again
You probably already noticed, Xelaton.com is now being accessed using SSL (encrypted connection). Also the access of websites by applications has been changed in the last versions of macOS. New versions of macOS only allow access to secured connections (https://) and therefore MarkMyWords wasn't able to look for updates. In the conversion-procress, I created a complete new update-system and added the feature to check for Beta-versions too, which should be interesting for those who always want to use the latest versions.

A note for Mac App Store-Customers
Even if you have purchased MarkMyWords at the Mac App Store, you can use the direct-versions of MarkMyWords without limitations. MarkMyWords recognized you as rgular users automatically.

Before releasing the final version of 1.9.2, there will be another Beta. I still have some items on my todo-list I want to implement into this version.

The Beta-Demo to try out the new features and improvements can be be downloaded from following links:

If there are any issues, don’t hesitate and write a comment below this entry or use the support-form to write me a message.

The full list of changes:



Until next time!