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30 MarkMyWords 1.10.0 Beta 1

Version 1.10.0 of MarkMyWords nears its completion and I can say without hesitation, this version is the most extensive and most complex update so far. Like all prior updates this will be a free update to all existing MarkMyWords users. In the following, I will explain some of the most important changes and emphasize some of the new features.


New System Requirements
MarkMyWords version 1.10.0 requires macOS 10.10 or later. The previous support for older versions of macOS up to OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard was simply impractical, especially with regard to the program's user interface. But internally code-based, there have been many changes to macOS over the years, so the support of older versions has led to more and more problems.
Direct Version
For a long time already, I don't offer a direct version anymore. MarkMyWords 1.10.0 will stop supporting license-keys which have been obtained over Xelaton.com. Those who have purchased a license for MarkMyWords over Xelaton.com will receive an email soon with a iTunes-code to load MarkMyWords from the Mac App Store. I know about the reservations expressed by some over the Mac App Store, but I do not consider it practical to keep a system running, which for a long time is no longer used in practice.
No Sandbox-Free version
the Sandbox-Free version was first released with version 1.9.0 in order to give MultiMarkdown-users the option to access the Terminal-Tool-Version of MultiMarkdown. Meanwhile, I was able to find a way to access the Terminal-Tool within the sandboxed version of MarkMyWords. So you get both benefits, a sandboxed version of MarkMyWords and access to the Terminal-Tool of MultiMarkdown.

Special new features

Revised Interface
The most obvious new feature is certainly the interface. Many (very) old elements have been renewed and unnecessary removed. As a result, many settings in the preferences have ceased to exist, as they no longer have any effect in later versions of macOS and were intended only for older versions of macOS.
CSV Import
CSV import is a convenient feature to insert tables quickly and efficiently into documents. When importing a table it will be automatically markup-formatted placed into the document so the time-consuming formatting is eliminated.
In my opinion the Textbundle-format is very interesting for markup authors. After Note-C, Myary and eBookBinder the Textbundle-format is now also available in MarkMyWords. Next to exporting, importing and opening Textbundle-files MarkMyWords can create Textbundle files too. On textbundle.org you can learn more about this open format, learn its specifications and reasons for this format.
With MarkdownExtra another markup-language has been added to MarkMyWords. As the name implies, MarkdownExtra is an extension of Markdown. Because many websites (for example Github), applications and authors prefer this extended syntax, the introduction of MarkdownExtra in MarkMyWords was probably long overdue. MarkdownExtra extends Markdown by , tables Definition List, strikethrough text, footnotes and some other things.


Currently, I can not give a date when the final version of MarkMyWords 1.10.0 will be released. There is still much to do, website updates, revise various documentation pages, etc .. So I guess right now that a final version will be released in January. Those who find errors or have other comments, can get in touch through the Support contact-form.

Download Beta 3

The beta version of MarkMyWords 1.10.0 can be downloaded via the following link: MarkMyWords 1.10.0 Beta 3 download

Release Notes

Note - Changed System-Requirements: MarkMyWords 1.10.0 requires macOS 10.10 or higher
Note - sandbox-free version no longer available. Now that the MultiMarkdown-terminal-tool can also be used in the sandboxed version, the sandbox-free version is obsolete


  • MarkdownExtra (Parsedown, Github Flavoured Markdown, Discount) implemented
  • the MultiMarkdown-terminal-tool can be used instead of the Perl-script now. Go to the the preferences of MarkMyWords under section "MultiMarkdown" and perform the necessary steps
  • import of CSV-Tables as fully formatted Markup-tables, including choice of value-divider and if the first line of the table should be a head-line. CSV-files can be imported by selecting the menu-item "File"-> "Import CSV-Table"
  • Texbundle-Support: MarkMyWords can now read Textbundle-files and also write them. To save a file as a Textbundle, simply use the regular save-command and choose in the save-panel the option Textbundle. Assets can only added to Textbundle already saved to disk
  • new export-formats: Textbundle, Textpack
  • Plugins are accessible through the menu now (you can add your own shortcuts for plugins through the system-preferences: Keyboard -> Shortcuts)
  • Bundle - Tablehelper: updated, improved, reworked to work with all supported Markup-languages and is now installed by default
  • Bundle - NoteC: updated, several bugs fixed, improved and is now installed by default
  • Bundle - PicsMove: updated, several bugs fixed, improved and is now installed by default


  • distraction-free mode updated
  • almost all interface-elements of MarkMyWords have been modernized
  • attachment-system optimized
  • many internal code-optimizations
  • new import-system for importing RTF-, Word-, ODT- and other text-file-types implemented
  • ew export-system implemented
  • file-browser now remembers its state when closing the file-browser by clicking on the red close-button
  • improved markup-languages treatment when working with multiple documents with different markup-languages ​​at the same time
  • Importing files: files with the extension htm and xhtml are now handled just like files with the extension html


  • Smark-Parser updated
  • BBCode-Parser updated
  • Textile-Parser updated to version 3.6.0
  • Help pages updated and expanded


  • buttons for predefined save-folders, saved-links and share-text have been moved from the title-bar to the toolbar
  • several obsolete interface-elements removed and updated the preferences regarding obsolete interface-elements
  • HTML-Source-Switch-Button removed from toolbar. To view the HTML-source of a document, you need to click on the HTML-Symbol in the webpane-bundle-bar
  • special preferences for Dropbox have been removed since those are no longer necessary
  • document-status no longer uses a custom meta-tag but the Finder-Color-Labels. Currently the color yellow, orange and green are used, any other colors will be displayed as "First Draft" in MarkMyWords. Current set documents with the old meta-tag-system still will be recognized in this version of MarkMyWords
  • MarkMyWords got a new app-icon and new file-icons


  • an error for the critic-markup-batch-option "Replace" solved

Until next time!

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