27MarkupTable - Beta 1

MarkupTable is a little app for the comfortable creation of tables and their export into a markup-formatted tables.

MarkupTable can export tables into the following markup languages: Markdown (exported as an HTML table), MultiMarkdown, MarkdownExtra/Parsedown, Wikitext, Textile, BBCode, Smark and HTML.

The tables can be exported as plain text files as well as Textbundle- and Textpack-files.

CSV as a base
MarkupTable also acts as a CSV-editor and can therefore read in and save CSV files. When reading CSV files, MarkupTable can automatically detect the field-seperator used in the CSV file.

Extensive editing capabilities
To make creating and editing tables easy and convenient, there are many functions that can be done either with the mouse or with the keyboard.

Various preview options
In addition to the regular table-view MarkupTable offers three additional views for the generated table:

CSV-view (Text can be copied)
in the CSV-view, the table is displayed as it would be saved as a CSV-file.
Markup-view (text can be copied)
The Markup-view provides a preview of the markup code for the table that MarkupTable would generate on export.
In the Web-view, the table can be viewed in formatted state.

Import existing markup tables
MarkupTable can import tables formatted in any of the following markup languages: MultiMarkdown, MarkdownExtra, Wikitext, Textile, BBcode, Smark, and HTML. For this, the corresponding table only has to be marked during import and MarkupTable takes over the rest.

User-Interface Adjustments
Like all Xelaton apps, MarkupTable also offers a variety of options to customize the user interface. Via Menu > View, the title-bar can be shown / hidden as well as switched between bright and dark user-interface. Furthermore, options are available to customize the text fields of the CSV-view and the Markup-view to your own preferences.

Final release
The final version will be released in March 2018, if nothing else intervenes. The beta includes all planned features of the app, if any changes are added, then just to fix any bugs.

The beta-demo of MarkupTable can be downloaded under the following link: MarkupTable Beta 1 Download
The demo is valid until 01. April 2018.
System Requirements: OSX 10.10 Yosemite or later. Feedback of any kind is welcome, please use it the contact-form on the support-page.

Until next time!

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