19MarkMyWords 1.8.0 Preview

After a longer period a bigger update for MarkMyWords is nearly ready. Next to diverse internal changes to improve the performance of MarkMyWords several new features have been added to make working with text more efficient. The import-feature of text-documents (Doc, ODT, RTF) now converts the most common formatting to the selected markup-language. Another new tool for working with text are the context-menu-actions for the editor, which allow trimming (removing whitespaces from the start and end of a line) of selected lines and remove all markup-formatting from the selected text. Other changes are listed in the "List of changes".

A Beta-Demo to try out the new features and improvements can be be downloaded from following link: Beta-Demo Download

If there are any issues, don't hesitate and write a comment below this entry or use the support-form to write me a message.

The full list of changes:





Until next time!