24MarkMyWords 1.9.0 Alpha 3 Preview

It's been nearly two weeks since the last alpha of MarkMyWords 1.9.0 and the list of changes has become fairly long. The most noticeable change is the new splash-screen. For MultiMarkdown-users which often write tables, MarkMyWords learned a few new tricks. When being in a table-line a simple tab-key-stroke automatically inserts a new |-symbol. Also automatic |-symbol-generation on line break and table-header generation are now possible. These automatic features really help making tables in MultiMarkdown much faster. Also in this update included are several general bugfixes and improvements for Smark.

An Alpha-Demo to try out the changes can be be downloaded from following link: Alpha-Demo Download

If there are any issues, don’t hesitate and write a comment below this entry or use the support-form to write me a message.

There are still some more things I wand to add to MarkMyWords 1.9.0, therefore you can expect a fourth alpha-version soon. However, the full list of changes for this alpha-version:

MMW 1.9.0 changes since Alpha-Version 2:




Until next time!