01NaNoWriMo is coming

The National Novel Writing Month (November 1-30) starts soon and to support aspiring writers Xelaton is offering steep discounts on its writing applications.

From October 1-31, MarkMyWords, Note-C, Myary and eBookBinder will be offered with a 60+%-Discount at the Mac App Store.


MarkMyWords is the most sophisticated writing-application Xelaton has to offer. Specifically aimed at users of Markup-languages (like Markdown or Textile), MarkMyWords offers a vast set of features and interface-options to support your writing without disturbing your creative writing-process. Learn more about MarkMyWords or get it right now at the Mac App Store.


The note-collection application Note-C is the easiest way to store your thoughts, background-informations, text-outlines and more. With the option to create multiple notebooks, vast export-options several crafty under-the-hood features, Note-C is the perfect companion for the NaNoWriMo-event. http://xelaton.com/index.php?lang=en&rubrik=Applications--Note-C or get it right now at the Mac App Store.


At its heart Myary is a diary-application, why not writing a diary-like novel? Or use it for documenting your writing-efforts. Myary offers extensive export-options and several features to enhance and speed-up your writing. http://xelaton.com/index.php?lang=en&rubrik=Applications--Myary or get it right now at the Mac App Store,


After you've finished your novel, eBookBinder is the perfect tool to pack your story into a nicely formatted eBook. Offering multiple options to enhance your book, the creation of the final book can be achieved with just a few clicks. Learn more about eBookBinder or get it right now at the Mac App Store.

Don't hesitate and get your tools ready for the NoNoWriMo-event!

Until next time!