01Textbundle Editor released

Textbundle Editor is available at the Mac App Store now.

Textbundle Editor is a program designed specifically to work with Textbundle files. But the Textbundle related Textpack files can also be processed by the Textbundle Editor.

A good overview of what Textbundle Editor can do offers the Overview-Page of Textbundle Editor, where you can get all the important details about Textbundle Editor.

Since the Beta 2 version of Textbundle Editor some smaller improvements have been added. The full details can be found in the list of changes listed below. If something was still a bit annoying to you in the beta version, then you can now download the 30-day demo version to see if Textbundle Editor works better for you before purchasing Textbundle Editor from the Mac App Store. The link to download the demo version can be found among the important links-list below.

Complete list of changes since Beta 2


Important Links:

Purchase Textbundle Editor at the Mac App Store

Download the Demo Version of Textbundle Editor

Textbundle Editor Overview

Textbundle Editor Release Notes

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